Auditory and Visual Dyslexia

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Associated Acquired Conditions

David R. Moore,
J. F. Rosenberg, J. S. Coleman
Discrimination training of phonemic contrasts enhances phonological processing in mainstream school children (ACROBAT READER)
Brain and Language
Dr. Deborah Moncrieff

Baldeweg, Richardson, Watkins, Foale, Gruzelier
Imperial College School of Medicine
Facoetti, Lorusso, Paganoni, Cattaneo, Galli, Umilta, Mascetti
University of Padova (Italy)
Richardson, Thomson, Scott, Goswami
University College London
published on behalf of British Dyslexia Association
Scheltinga, Leij, Beinum
University of Amsterdam
Beinum, Schwippert, Kuijpers
University of Amsterdam
Kujala, Karma, Ceponiene, Belitz, Turkkila, Tervaniemi, Naatanen
University of Helsinki
Agnew, Dorn, Eden
Georgetown University Medical Centre

Here are some useful links regarding Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome or Irlen Syndrome
Irlen Coloured Filters for Reading: a Six-Year Follow-up

Paul R. Whiting, G.L.W.Robinson and C.F. Parrott
Irlen Dyslexia Centre

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