Adults  and APD

How APD can effect Adults in their daily lives
This is based on the personal experiences of the adult APD members of APDUK
Adults who have APD may find coming to terms with the true nature of their disability late in life difficult. Family, partners, friends, work colleagues, and Employers will all have to know to enable them to provide the help, support and understanding that adult APDs need.
Feeling uncomfortable in large groups of people, more than 4 or 5 people
Large groups of friends, canteens, staff rooms, meetings, conferences
Difficulty in following verbal instructions
APDs randomly have problems processing what people so you may miss part or all or of a set of instructions
Institutional Discrimination in the work place by supervisors and management.
Bosses always better advocates, so you always loose out, despite how good your case may be. And even if the man at the top may have a similar disability
Difficulty understanding telephone conversations
Difficulty in processing the consonant sounds
Feeling great sense of underachievement.
Something always seems to prevent you from fulfilling your full potential
Lack of self advocacy Skills in verbal discussions.
Interviews.  complaining, debates
Difficulty performing long specific sequence tasks.
DOS, UNIX styled programs, repetitive tasks
How Adult APDs may learn to cope
Adult APDs it has been observed develop  delayed processing strategy.
Like replaying a video and then processing the information at a later date
Adult APDs develop a sense that they will always make , silly mistakes, so they develop strategies or routines to try to correct and prevent mistakes
These strategies operate in the short term memory and take priority over what non APDS use their short term memory for, hence APDs may seem forgetful
Avoiding stressful, no win, situations
This can sometimes be in the form of a self imposed isolation, to prevent being continually hurt
The problems which Adult APDs are faced with in their daily lives are similar to those experienced by other Adult Dyslexics. Many APDs also suffer from Dyslexia, in that the have problems processing Textual information.
(Which is the strict definition of dyslexia, difficulty with reading)

Support and Research
Please find below some links to online support groups, research articles, and our newsletters.
APDUK, members of the OldAPDs group, in conjuction with psychologist Dr. Damien Howard, who ran an online research program "How APD Affects Adults".  
The articles resulting from this research by Damien were published in a number of APDUK Newsletters which also include contributions from both Professionals and those who suffer from APD.
We are in the process of starting a new research program with Damien "Adults Who Have APD and Employment". As part of this process we have starte a new section of the web site "Online Adult Research" which will focus on various aspects of living with APD
by Judith W. Paton, M. A., Audiologist, San Mateo, CA

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